Alexxandre Gagnon

I discovered a team of passionate and generous people who, despite the current restrictions, succeed in transmitting to me the love for their language, their cultures and their countries. Legados para aprender y para vivir en Montreal en español.

Alexandre Mercurie-Gagnon
Spanish student at Legados
Arnaud Lemazurier

We have been fortunate enough to work with the Legados center to give our students from the youngest to the oldest access to the Spanish language, but not only, access to art, culture, and a little trip inside the best of our school.

Arnaud Lemazurier
EDUCARE teacher

It's really a place where children are encouraged to imagine everything possible, and now when Zia tells me things in Spanish or sings to me in Spanish, I really get my heart filled like this.

Kristelle Holliday
Mother of Legados - Language of Origin Program