español para todos
Spanish courses for all
Spanish as a foreign language courses

The "Spanish for All" program offers you more than a foreign language course: it invites you to discover the world of Latin America by promoting an intercultural encounter. We teach with a communicative approach through our cultural, historical and artistic heritage. We have developed a modern and dynamic teaching method that guarantees a rapid progression, with important contents and materials to acquire the formal aspects of the language and live an immersion experience in Spanish. Our teachers are highly qualified and offer sustained support.

The phonetics, vocal technique and culture course is implemented as part of the regular program in the initial levels, and with this discipline, students will strengthen communicative skills, deepen the fundamental aspects of Spanish pronunciation and diction, and develop intercultural competence. This program aims to train the student as an intercultural speaker.

Legados offers online and in-person courses at all levels and for all ages: children, youth, adults and seniors. After an individual assessment, you start the course that suits you. If you have no previous knowledge of Spanish, you can enroll directly in the beginner level.